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Beauty Knowledge

1. What is Ultrasonic, and Why it can be used in the beauty industry?

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave, Frequency of more than 3MHz. which can probe into 1mm under skin, use highly vibration frequency to make deep skin warm, temperature increase by 0.5 ~ 1°C, improve micro-circulation, activity skin cell, generate collagen, tighten and lift skin; 

Ultrasonic main function is lead in nutrition into skin. Skin care product is imported by ultrasonic which can absorb nutrition completely, around over 5 times than normal. Ultrasonic have power frequency and energy, which can make the skin cell tissue vibrating, micro-current massage skin, change cell volume, so that make blood and lymph circulation, enhance the permeability of the cell, improve tissue metabolism and regenerative capacity.

2. LED Photon Therapy in the beauty industry.

Red light can penetrate the skin 628 nm, can promote blood circulation, make collagen hyperplasia, increase the elasticity of your skin, fade melanin, make the skin smooth and moist, repair cells, enhance skin elasticity, desalinate the acne marks and scars after heal. It's suitable for normal skin, dry skin, yellow and macular skin.

Blue light can penetrate the skin 413 nm, can calm the skin, adjust the secretion of sebaceous gland, effectively remove acne. It can be used for sensitivity, oily and acne-prone skin.

Green light can penetrate the skin 525 nm, can make skin soothing and relaxing, repair cells and strengthen the skin elasticity. it's between red light and blue light, if the skin problem is more comprehensive, you can use green light to centralized governance first, then according to the repair of skin, choose to use blue light or red light.

Yellow light wavelength of 590 nm, can stimulate the lymphatic and nervous system, strengthen the muscles and enhance immune system function. At the same time can be used to improve the surface appearance of fine lines, remove shallow wrinkles, relieve and balance the sensitive skin. Balance PH value, strengthen the moisturizing function.